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message de ElishaJerald posté le 29/10/2012 à 12:56:06
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message de SuzannHamada posté le 30/10/2012 à 03:07:05
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message de MichaeleOssowski posté le 30/10/2012 à 16:41:56
The first thing that comes to my mind about this movie is the utterly realistic dynamics between each member of the family. We have two adopted daughters, and little Amudha acted and reacted in exactly the same manner as our daughters would under similar circumstances. My wife, over and over, identified with Indra, the adoptive mother. The movie accurately depicts not only the normal conflict as a young girl starts to try to change from finding her identity in her mother to creating her own separate identity. It also accurately depicts the feelings of the mother when the adoptive daughter wants to prefer her birth mother. For example, when they would get angry at my wife, our daughters would often assert that their real' mother wouldn't treat her like this. The feeling of rejection is hard for an adoptive mother to experience, just as was the pain Indra felt when Amudha rejected her mom for her FANTASY of her birth mother. The movie also depicts Indra finding solace at times like that in her husband's love for her., online pokies, cki,
message de ThomasBreiten posté le 31/10/2012 à 13:58:24
I got tomato seeds saved- Window Box Romas,Tumbler and Robin's Egg, worked particularily well for me, so I am hoping their offspring do well next year. Other seeds saved- Acorn squash, summer squash, sugar pie pumpkin abd banana squash- also saved a variety of ghourd seeds. This year I learned to not fear the Heirloom tomatoes, growin a number of them not from seed, but as plant starts. For next year I am excited to try amaranth (your influence there Melinda!) I also had onE prolific hungarian wax pepper plant- HAve been enjoying pickled peppers (this one plant gave me 5 quarts of pickled peppers- nice peppers with just a hint of heat) and was producing peppers until the end of october! Yes I saved some seeds from those peppers!, best online casino, kggb,
message de KizzieNaish posté le 01/11/2012 à 04:25:42
Thanks Bill! I have been using sex as a bartering piece myself and was just doing some research to defend my argument. You just made my argument for me. Kudos for your honesty and thank you for just proving my theory to a T... Men are Jerks!, bet online, 703573,
message de AnibalTijerina posté le 01/11/2012 à 05:57:56
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message de SuzannHamada posté le 01/11/2012 à 15:40:41
Chris and Jason I think you both make fairly good arguments and have obviously been around in the fitness world and I don't presume my point of view definitely right but I do have a few issues with what you said.
Crossfit does prescribe high volume technical lifts, I do not know how as an advanced trainer or coach you can NOT see this as a recipe for high injury rates its a joke. Crossfit is just a metabolic circuit which were around well before Crossfit. Any decent coach could make a similar circuit that is actually tailored to the individual which doesn't include high technical lifts that can achieve the same results if one does this does it make it Crossfit ?, pokies, =]]],
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