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message de RaeleneDantin posté le 20/11/2012 à 02:13:20
Hi just want to say that I love your biscoff cookies to death. I usually got it from Delta and i keep telling my husband to save some everytime he travels. I wonder if you want to sell this cookies at Walmart, Trader Joe's, etc. We will be happy to purchase it. I'm from Bermuda so its difficult to buy but if you have it in Walmart, everytime we shop we can buy tons of it to bring it home. Also is it possible to sell it here in one of our shops? Market Place? Thank you., cash loans, vrchnp,
message de BrittanyAdachi posté le 20/11/2012 à 07:17:25
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message de TerryTurrie posté le 20/11/2012 à 08:45:47
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message de TresaRosen posté le 20/11/2012 à 20:15:15
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message de SungJainlett posté le 21/11/2012 à 07:54:57
I totally tore mine on the 7th November, I was operated on the next day. A week later I was back to the doc who removed the cast and inspected the wound and has put another cast on for a month. All is going well as far as I know. There has been no mention of partial weight bearing at all and should there be any exercises that I should be doing to try and keep the calf muscle active., cash loans online, 241540,
message de BartonZehr posté le 22/11/2012 à 04:36:26
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message de AnamariaRoberton posté le 22/11/2012 à 07:26:24
Kristen: I actually have a femail friend who has been with (at the very least) 35 partners and she GETZ way more respect and consideration than the one who has only been with 4. Why? Simple! My friend can (when single) see a dude in a bar/club/street/etc and simply say "ima hit dat!" I can appreciate a WOMAN who can admit they like to F*CK TOO! My other friend, only for guys in her past and all under the banner of boyfriend. She is the type to commit to a commitment just to justify the sex and not be considered a "hoe". I love her to death but gets no respect for her interpretation of what a hoe is., apply for cash loan, tur,
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